what we do 


Our experienced team of researchers, investigators, and forensic accountants are proficient in tracing and identifying physical and financial assets in the U.S. and abroad; we identify, gather, and analyze key relationships and information to uncover hidden assets; create financial profiles and provide detailed reports on any evidence of assets held both domestically or internationally. 

DUE DILIGENCE|risk management

We offer due diligence, research and investigations tailor made to maximize your business intelligence and assess and minimize your risks. Whether it be hiring decisions, investment opportunities or executive information we make sure you have all the facts you need to make a timely and informed decision.

litigation support

Through our research and investigations on  opponents and witnesses, we identify unknown relationships between parties and events, and ensure that you hold key information for persuasive presentations you want in court. Our network of experts are experienced in obtaining information from around the world and generate actionable intelligence to strengthen your cases. 


intellectual property

Our goal is to help you protect one of your most valuable intangible assets: your brand. We know that infringements are not limited to national borders and collaborate with global specialists to protect your intellectual property while you focus on the growth of your brand. Whether it be the gray goods market, counterfeits, or patents, and trademarks; we are here to protect your brand.

opposition research

Our opposition research will ensure that you have the in-depth information you need to maximize your messaging to the public and help identify any potential risks or weaknesses in your opponent’s campaign. B2B also conducts self due diligence which will help you assess your own political campaign readiness and public perceptions.

KYC aml|compliance

We help conduct KYC and AML compliance control reviews and monitoring, monitor and assist large global banks in assessing compliance; transaction look backs, KYC file remediation projects and AML gap assessments. We also assist hedge funds and commercial, retail and investment banks to comply with financial crime prevention rules.